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At South Street Dental we offer comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment that can restore your smile and ensure that you look your best. We use all the latest technology in treating our patients so that you can be sure of having the most comfortable experience as well as the best outcome. There are many new products and methods of treatment in dentistry these days so what was once unheard of is now possible.

For instance, in many cases we can replace missing teeth without the need for dentures by inserting a base into the gum and screwing the new tooth onto it. We can also improve the look of natural teeth using dental veneers, bridges or just cosmetic teeth whitening. One thing that you need to know about whitening is that if you have discoloured fillings, they will not change colour. Nor will discolouration due to decay change. That is why it is best to have your cosmetic dentist on the Central Coast examine your teeth before any whitening procedure takes place.

We offer consultations and examinations so that your treatment can be the best for your needs. Our highly professional staff will be glad to advise you on the best procedures for you so that you can be assured that your health and your smile have all been taken into account. We also offer many other tooth care services so that your oral health can be assured.

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